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Parkrun in Conrhenny Woodland

One of the many plantations in the Isle of man. Most of these views could be seen from the Parkrun route – the 5 week temporary route of the Nobles Parkrun whilst the TT festival was underway. The first day back in May was so lovely, I walked the 5K route after the run to take some photos. The Parkrun is now back at its home at Nobles Park in Douglas, close to the Grandstand. I’ll be honest, the weather wasn’t this good for all of those 5 Parkruns but the views can look stunning in the rain too.


Celts and Vikings


St Adamnan’s Church (Lonan Old Church), Isle of Man. October 2015.

Originally called Keill-Ny-Traie (Chapel by the Shore), the site dates back to the 5th century and has 9 Celtic crosses in the grounds. The trees are magnificent and it’s a fabulous spot for wildlife as it’s located remotely in the middle of the countryside. I’m guaranteed to see the first snowdrops and daffodils of the new year at this spot.

The photograph was taken during a foggy, Halloween afternoon walk. I’ll be honest, I didn’t hang around for the light to fade further.

Red Admiral nectar: tree sap

I was strolling through Candie Gardens in Guernsey a couple of weeks ago and I spotted a little butterfly frenzy. At least 10 Red Admirals were hovering around the bark of a tree. I didn’t realise at the time that they were attracted by the sap of the old tree.