Weekly photo challenge: Carefree

I took these photographs at Curragh’s Wildlife Park last Sunday. The first couple of animals definitely display some carefree behaviour. Batman didn’t even bat an eyelid when I was photographing him! Or is it Batwoman?

bat Bat1 Bat4


The last two would need to chill out before I could include them in this week’s theme!

Alan peahen

For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, Carefree

24 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Carefree

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  4. mountaincoward

    Is it a gopher in the 4th photo? That first bat staring at the camera (or can’t they see really?) is great. Love the peacock photo at the end. Must have a look for that wildlife park next time I’m over there…

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Thanks Carol. Yes I think it’s called a Gopher. I don’t know anything about bats but it did seem to be posing for me! It’s worth a visit to the park if you visit the island.Jackie

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