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Weekly photo challenge: Sea

This week’s photo challenge is Sea. The sea is so many things to me.

It’s a great healer.


It’s beautiful.IMG_6774 IMG_6773


It’s wild.

Sea spray 4 Sea spray1

Rough sea4

It’s a source of life.


Blackheaded gull3

But the sea is also cruel and devastating. The wreck of the scallop dredger, the Solway Harvester now moored in Douglas Harbour is a sad reminder of the seven Scottish fisherman who lost their lives at sea in January 2000.

IMG_8159 IMG_8158 IMG_8163

It’s a permanent mirror to the sky.

Ant Hill Mob


It’s versatile and can be fun.

IMG_3554 Rollwithit1 RA20

Laxey surfer

I just know, close to the sea, that’s where I’ll be!


Weekly photo challenge: Change

IMG_6771 IMG_6772 IMG_6773 IMG_6774 IMG_6766 IMG_6765


I was mesmerised by the swirling, changing patterns of the waves. It was 2 weeks ago on our trip around the blue Red Sea.  A day at sea sailing from Aqaba in Jordan to Port Sokhna in Egypt and I was hoping that the 30 or so dolphins that were following the ship about half a mile away, would eventually swim by so I could take some photographs. I sat patiently for a couple of hours until I got bored, put my camera away and settled down in the shade to read my book. Much to my husband’s amusement, the dolphins then decided to swim by. He tipped me off, I panicked and scrambled around to get my camera, it was upside down, I couldn’t get the right focal length or judge when or where the dolphins would appear – total disaster. I’d imagined a beautiful image of dolphins leaping high in sequence through the ocean. Alas, I just have the final image. I’ll get them next time! My husband isn’t convinced as it’s not the first time these creatures have tricked me!

Weekly photo challenge: Colour


I’ve just returned from a trip around the Red Sea, visiting Jordan and Egypt. The highlight of the journey was a day spent in the ancient city of Petra and this photograph hints at the stunning colour and texture of the beautiful rock formations. I’m sure I’ll be posting more photographs from my trip over the next week or so.