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Weekly photo challenge: Sea

This week’s photo challenge is Sea. The sea is so many things to me.

It’s a great healer.


It’s beautiful.IMG_6774 IMG_6773


It’s wild.

Sea spray 4 Sea spray1

Rough sea4

It’s a source of life.


Blackheaded gull3

But the sea is also cruel and devastating. The wreck of the scallop dredger, the Solway Harvester now moored in Douglas Harbour is a sad reminder of the seven Scottish fisherman who lost their lives at sea in January 2000.

IMG_8159 IMG_8158 IMG_8163

It’s a permanent mirror to the sky.

Ant Hill Mob


It’s versatile and can be fun.

IMG_3554 Rollwithit1 RA20

Laxey surfer

I just know, close to the sea, that’s where I’ll be!