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Weekly photo challenge: In the background

This face is displayed on the reflective external walls of the Liverpool Echo Arena and is part of an exhibition at the arena called “So Close”. It’s an initiative to promote the museums that are close to the arena, by displaying images of items from the collections as “breakouts” on the external walls. This face, which I photographed just this weekend, promotes the International Slavery Museum. 

Background3 Background 2


Weekly photo challenge: Future Tense

Liverpool3 Liverpool13 3 graces IMG_3445 Liverpool2 Beatles2 Liverpool15 Liverpool11 Liverpool12 Liverpool14 Liverpool18 Liverpool21 Liver Birds Liverpool4 Beatles3 Liverpool19 Beatles4 Liverpool16 Liverpool20 Beatles1 Liverpool10 Liverpool17

I normally have a little gripe now and again that they don’t make buildings like they used to.  I love the beauty, grandeur and robustness of the Three Graces in Liverpool and I was sceptical about the new modern buildings that have been built around these 3 icons. However, I have grown to love the angles and lines of the new additions, especially the Museum of Liverpool and the Beatles Museum.  So for my Future Tense, I’m moving with the times, accepting the new architecture  and admiring how the new blends with the old. It remains to be seen if the new buildings will be iconic in a couple of hundred years.  I’d put a bet on that the Three Graces will still be there standing strong!