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Kalami in Corfu


This year, I hope to travel more which is one of my other passions. My passion for photography probably started whilst cruising into Venice along the Grand Canal at sunrise but having no camera to capture the sublime light over the ancient buildings and the beautiful landscape. Now I rarely leave the house without a camera.

Whilst thinking about the possibility of travelling this year, I thought I’d post some photographs of a couple of my favourite places that I’ve visited.

I’ve stayed in Kalami in Corfu twice. The first time in a lovely villa and the second time in what the locals call the Pink Palace, official name is The Adonis & Asonitis Apartments. Both trips were very enjoyable and I wasn’t disappointed as you sometimes can be when returning to a special place.

Thomas’s Taverna on the stunning Kalami beach is a favourite place to hang out. Traditional and authentic Greek food being a speciality together with the warmth and welcome from the locals. It’s unlikely that I’ll get back to Kalami this year but it’s on my list of top 5 places to return.

Thomas's Taverna

 Colour1 Flower1

Kalami lobsters Lemon treee Kalami

The White House View from Pink Palace