13 thoughts on “Ballannette

  1. Vicki

    Such a beautiful series of nature photos, Jackie.

    Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Wish I had visited many of the islands when I lived in the UK back in the late 1970s, but alas I was too intent on more obvious tourist attractions and had no knowledge of such.

    You have a great variety of butterflies on the island.

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Thank you Vicki. There’s so much to see on the mainland I can see why a trip over to the islands didn’t feature. Where did you live in the UK?

      1. Vicki

        I lived in Rudgewick, Sussex for six months, Parson’s Green for a while, Hammersmith for some months and the rest of the time I was mainly travelling around England, Scotland & Wales (with a few European trips in between). I’ve probably seen more of the UK than many English people, but I do regret not exploring some of the nearby islands in the 1970s (when it was still cheap to travel). Nowadays I don’t have the health or money to travel.

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