Lemon and lime light

I  wandered through Laxey Glen today. A wonderful crunch underfoot and beautiful colours. When autumn arrives, I always think it’s my favourite season, but then I say that about the other three, even winter after last year’s long and harsh slog. If you’re reading this from somewhere that has really, really harsh winters, I apologise as I know we’re drama queens over here!










16 thoughts on “Lemon and lime light

  1. mountaincoward

    Beautifully photographed. We had a cracking autumn last year – there was a tree opposite work which was a brilliant sulphur yellow and I kept meaning to take my camera in to get a photo of it but kept forgetting. There was lots of good colour last year but it was the first year we’d had a proper Autumn for years. This year looks to have gone back to normal here unfortunately, with very little colour and the leaves just going dry and falling off early 😦

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Yes, it was a fabulous autumn last year. I’ve got a few “I must take a photograph of that but don’t have my camera”. I’ve got out of the habit of carrying my little point and shoot camera. I must charge the battery. Jackie


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