The wilderness


We took the electric tram up to the Snaefell summit on Friday evening to enjoy a “sunset dinner”. We’d booked a couple of weeks in advance hoping for good weather but on Thursday, Friday’s weather forecast had been terrible so we were prepared for torrential rain and high winds. Actually, it was glorious sunshine on the evening when we set off and we sat outside for a drink in the sunshine at the Mines Tavern whilst we waited for the tram. The ride up the mountain only takes about 20 minutes and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery all the way up.Wilderness2

Wilderness3 Wilderness4 Wilderness5

Benji the tram driver halted at the summit and remarked that we’d been lucky with the weather but he thought it was about to change. Within seconds, the mist and fog started to rise and there was no chance of us seeing the seven kingdoms or a lovely sunset.

Wilderness11 Wilderness6 Wilderness7 Wilderness12

We went inside the restaurant and enjoyed our evening. A couple of hours later, I looked outside and it was really high winds and torrential rain, so the forecasters did get it right.

The journey down the mountain gave us thick fog and diagonal rain but it did improve the closer we got to sea level. Well we didn’t see a sunset on this occasion but this evening was probably more memorable and enjoyable!

Wilderness8 Wilderness9 Wilderness10

6 thoughts on “The wilderness

  1. mountaincoward

    Like the rain on the train windows photo 🙂 I actually don’t usually see the scenery out of the train as it ascends above Laxey Glen – I find the drop too scary!

      1. mountaincoward

        I’ve never been good with heights! I’ve got better as I’ve gone up some of the scarier Scottish mountains but I’m still not great. There are quite a few hillwalkers who don’t like heights at all…

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