Weekly photo challenge: Pattern

IMG_0263 IMG_0312 IMG_0249 IMG_0314 IMG_0233 IMG_0287 IMG_0299 IMG_0207I’ll be honest, I took these photographs of Starflyer in Manchester Piccadilly with the intention of using them for last week’s photo challenge “From above”. I’ve been distracted and missed the deadline but by chance, I can see a pattern in there too!

16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Pattern

      1. sustainabilitea

        I see I was so scared that I got an extra “a” in “care”. Wow! I’m definitely not going up there, although I have conquered my fear of going up on our roof.


  1. belladonic haze

    Sorry, I left my comment on the wrong site. Didn’t realize I was looking at a re-blog. Kudos to you. I love the light, airy, magical feel of these photos. πŸ™‚

  2. dmgartphoto

    Great drama in your pictures, one can sense the hight and thrill. GrΓΆna lund in Stockholm is building something similar but I think I will pass on that one :-).


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