Agneash and the Laxey Wheel

Agneash1 Agneash2 Agneash3 Agneash4 Agneash5 Agneash6 Agneash7 Agneash8 Agneash9 Agneash12 Agneash13 Agneash14 River1 Robin1 Salmon centre1 Wheel1 Wheel5

It was much sunnier yesterday so I walked along Ham and Egg Terrace, past the Laxey Wheel and the Salmon Centre to Agneash which is a beautiful little village high above Laxey. The village leads onto open landscape to Snaefell Mountain.

2 thoughts on “Agneash and the Laxey Wheel

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      I’m sure you’ve had more than your fair share of snow in your neck of the woods. It’s a novelty for us but probably not for my neighbours on the west coast of the island. We’re just not geared up to cope with the snow so everything grinds to a halt. Puerto Rico looks amazing – enjoy the rest of your trip! I too had to sit in the shade on my recent trip to North Africa whilst my husband basked in the sun and turned a golden brown!


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