The island is taking a battering today with rough seas, cancelled ferries, snow grinding most of the island’s roads to a halt and power cuts.  Luckily for us in Laxey at sea level, we don’t have any snow that’s sticking yet or any power cuts like other parts of the island but disruption does mean a postponed celebration party with friends for tonight. Hopefully, things will calm down before my daughter returns to the island from university on the mainland on Monday or the ferry will be either cancelled or a very unpleasant crossing. Rough sea4 Rough sea5 Rough sea6

16 thoughts on “Wild

  1. mountaincoward

    It’s horrendous weather isn’t it. When I tried to go out of my back door before work, it was iced shut! When I managed to yank it open, it had been held shut by a frozen snowdrift which had formed against it. The front door was the same! 😦 I hate winter!

    The ‘new’ IOM ferries aren’t very good anyway – we crossed last time in a bit of a wind and they had to shut the bar and cafes as there was smashing crockery and glasses crashing everywhere. It was only a little bit rough – nothing like we used to get crossing to the Outer Hebrides and they never shut the cafes.

    I actually prefer a rough crossing as it’s less boring – not so boring crossing to the IOM as it’s a short time but some of the trips from Oban to South Uist were 8 hours or more.

  2. The Wanderlust Gene

    The rough seas shots are terrific, but that blue boat, pulled up out of harm’s way – such a classic scene that tells the story. Hope the ferries were running for your daughter’s return. 🙂

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Thank you. Yes, luckily my daughter got back safely with no delays on a reasonably comfortable crossing. The sea appears to be flat calm today so hopefully her trip back to the UK today is just as smooth.

      1. jackie sowrey Post author

        When I landed at the airport yesterday, I could see lots of snow in the south and west of the island and it’s still very cold so I’m not yet convinced that spring has finally arrived. The robins are with us all year round. I like them for their markings and their musical voice.

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      Thank you. The weather on the sea and on land was very unpleasant that day. Luckily, it’s improved now but not as warm as I think it should be in April.


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