6 thoughts on “Curraghs Wildlife Park

  1. mountaincoward

    Well at least the penguins will find it warm enough this winter!

    Love the wallaby and the black swan – I’ve only ever seen one black swan before in the UK – lovely bird…

      1. mountaincoward

        Are you having the awful weather too? Have you had more snow? We’ve had more than we had during the winter – it snowed all last night and was in thick drifts this morning. Now it’s freezing hard 😦 I long for spring!

      2. jackie sowrey Post author

        I can’t really complain as although it’s bitterly cold and grey with occasional sleet, the snow isn’t sticking on lower ground so there’s not really any disruption for us at the moment. It does look horrendous in parts of the UK and even here on the island though. I agree with you about the IOM ferries as it doesn’t take much of a wave to make it a rough crossing and I’ve had a few of those crossing that stretch of sea. Jackie

      3. mountaincoward

        I think that’s what’s upsetting everybody – we all thought spring had arrived as we had a week or so of glorious weather… and now it’s colder than it was all winter! 😦

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