Weekly photo challenge: Fun


In Spring this year, ย I was at The Sound when I spotted some seals basking on the rocks. A group of swimmers and their kayak support team appeared around the rocks and to my surprise the seals decided to join in. The seals popped up unexpectedly, swam alongside or followed the group, sometimes making enormous splashes when they resurfaced.

The Sound is a stunning location in the South of the Isle of Man where sightings of whales and dolphins are also often reported.



5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Fun

      1. mountaincoward

        that’s why they chase across the field after you in a mad bunch – people think they’re being malicious but, when it’s a bunch of them, they’re just playing

  1. dunelight

    Fascinating series of photos. As a sea kayaker I have had opportunities to volunteer for open water swimming events..although we don’t have to worry about seals and such here in Lake Michigan.


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