7 thoughts on “Knockuskey Cottage

  1. mountaincoward

    Why is the footpath closed? have they had a rockfall or something along the coast?

    If we don’t take a car across to the island (which we never do), what’s the best way to get to Niarbyl? That was the main reason we didn’t visit before on our 2 visits – that and running out of time as there was so much to do over there!

      1. mountaincoward

        I didn’t know that – thanks! Did they have a bus about 10 years ago (which I think was when we last visited)? We’re hoping to revisit in the next couple of years – Richard’s dying to get back over there. Shame my parents will be too old now as they love the island 😦

      2. jackie sowrey Post author

        I’m not sure Carol. I rarely take the bus – just sometimes over TT fortnight when driving can become a chore. It’s easier to get around by car of course if you visit but also lovely to use the steam and electric trains. We did this on Senior Race day this year to keep off the roads.

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