The Famous Five on the Run

Famous Five 10

Escaped from the farmer’s field and safety of their mothers’ care, the mischevious five decided to explore Ballannette nature reserve. You can see who the ring leader is on the last couple of photographs.

The naughty 5 were rescued and delivered safely back to their field.Famous Five

Famous Five 5

Famous Five 4

Famous Five 3

Famous Five 8

Famous Five 9

Famous Five 6

Famous Five 2

Famous Five 1

Famous Five 12

Famous Five 11

Famouse Five 13

19 thoughts on “The Famous Five on the Run

  1. mountaincoward

    Cute – just saw some Jacob lambs tonight – first I’ve ever seen – they were lovely. I also saw some escaped lambs – on the main road 😮 Luckily, a motorist had stopped and was trying to get them to go back into the field – I think they did but I was on my way to work so couldn’t really hang around.

  2. vannillarock

    Jackie these are totally adorable especially with the black sheep.
    I noticed a while ago and forgot to say that when you ID on a ‘like’ comes up it has a truncated link to your website so it doesn’t link. Normally you can just press on the WP ID and get to that persons home page.


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