6 thoughts on “Too shy, shy, hush hush…

  1. mountaincoward

    What a sweetie! 🙂 Unfortunately, the only hedgehog I’ve seen in this area for quite a few years now was the other day… but it was dead. Not sure why – was just laid on the pavement looking uninjured but very dead 😦

  2. Vicki

    How cute is that !
    I’ve never seen a hedgehog before, only our prickly spiny Australian Echidnas which have nothing of the cuteness this little critter in your photo portrays.

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      He is very cute Vicki but I couldn’t quite get his face in the shot. We had hedgehogs hibernating in our garden when I was growing up in Manchester so it brought back a few memories. I’ll have to look up the Echidnas.


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