6 thoughts on “Green-veined white butterfly

  1. mountaincoward

    You’ve got some unusual butterflies over there – I think your climate must be pretty mild and settled. We tend to just have Cabbage Whites, Red Admirals (and few of those), a few Peacocks and a couple of smaller breeds I don’t know. Another great photo 🙂

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      There are some lovely butterflies and moths over here, especially at Ballannette nature reserve. There’s this stretch by the lake of about 50 yards and on a good summer’s day there can be hundreds of butterflies. I call it Butterfly Alley but it’s also fabulous for seeing damselflies and dragonflies.

      1. mountaincoward

        We have a nature reserve just above my house in the village but I never get there – maybe I should – maybe that’s where all ours are hiding. But it’s only a really tiny reserve so maybe not…

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