Corfu old town

It’s that time of year again when the cold, windy, wet weather has started to wear very thin and I’m dreaming about travel and a warm climate. I published some Greek posts last year but for some reason I missed out Corfu Town with it’s beautiful architecture and charm.

Corfu town 6

Corfu town 8

Corfu town 3

Corfu town 5

Corfu town

Corfu town 7

Corfu town 4

13 thoughts on “Corfu old town

  1. Vicki

    Great Shots, Jackie.

    I spent a week on Corfu in 1976, but sad to say I remember little, so it was particularly enjoyable viewing your photos.

  2. mountaincoward

    What a lovely colourful old town 🙂 Just what we need to be looking at when, like you say, the weather here is its usual miserable self! Want to visit Greece one day – probably wait till I retire though as there’s just so many other places queuing up first…


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