Noisette5Noisette Noisette1 Noisette3 Noisette is the sweet French name of this yacht that was sailing in the bay early yesterday morning. The weather has been beautiful here on the island for the past couple of weeks so the thousands of visitors for the TT festival have really been lucky. I hope I haven’t jinxed the weather now by acknowledging it’s been nice!

6 thoughts on “Noisette

  1. victoriaaphotographyictoria

    Lovely images, Jackie.
    I think I always end up taking photos of the waves down the beach. I find them very calming and relaxing to watch (as they break over the shoreline). I also do some with the waves in focus and some with distant objects in focus. Nice to compare them.

  2. mountaincoward

    Ouch! You call your post ‘Noisette’ and now all I can think of is those lovely chocolate-coated nuts in Cadbury’s Dairy Box and I’ve been craving chocolate all evening already!

    My favourite parts of those photos is on the first two – the light and texture you’ve captured on those waves rolling in – I love the sea! 🙂


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