4 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye View

  1. mountaincoward

    Are they harebells (although too early surely?) or bluebells? They look a bit like a cross between the two as the heads look quite short and wide for bluebells. They’re beautiful anyway and you’ve captured them really well…

    1. jackie sowrey Post author

      I’m not sure. I’ve had a look at some harebells on-line and they seem more delicate and I don’t think they curl up like the ones in my post. I’ve seen similar flowers to harebells around the island in previous years and I do prefer them to the ones in my pictures.

      1. mountaincoward

        I probably like harebells better than bluebells but we never seem to get them around here any more 😦 They get a lot in Scotland though – what they call ‘the bluebells of Scotland’ are actually harebells!

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